Foot surgery is sometimes the best solution for relieving pain, correcting a deformity, or restoring foot or ankle function. Leading board-certified podiatrist Henry Tseng, DPM, specializes in modern minimally invasive foot surgery procedures in West Covina and Alhambra, California. You can book a foot surgery consultation at the office of Dr. Henry Tseng by clicking the online booking feature or by calling either location directly.

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Why do I need foot surgery?

Foot surgery is typically the very last resort if you’ve tried several types of conservative treatments to no avail, or if you just have a severe deformity or injury that needs surgical correction. You may be a candidate for foot surgery if you have:

  • Torn tendons or ligaments
  • Fractures
  • Heel spurs
  • Hammertoes
  • Neuromas
  • Bunions

You might also need foot surgery for reconstructing your foot or ankle to regain function and range-of-motion. Reconstructive foot surgery can be essential for correcting congenital defects or complex injuries.

What happens during foot surgery?

At the office of Dr. Henry Tseng, you can expect comprehensive care starting with your preoperative evaluation, all the way through your entire postoperative care. Dr. Tseng can perform some foot surgeries in the office using local anesthesia, or in an ambulatory surgery center or hospital with sedation or general anesthesia.

Your foot surgery is entirely tailored to you. Dr. Tseng is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who uses the latest techniques to make all essential repairs. During your foot surgery, Dr. Tseng can use minimally invasive measures to:

  • Remove damaged tissues
  • Repair torn or ruptured tissues
  • Realign joints or fuse bones

If you need pins implanted, possibly for a bunionectomy or hammertoe correction, Dr. Tseng uses absorbable pins. He offers absorbable pins over metal implants, so he doesn’t have to perform a second surgery to remove implants later on. This reduces side effects and eliminates your need for a second surgical recovery period.

Dr. Tseng talks with you about your postoperative care long before your surgery date, so you should know what to expect. He typically likes to see you back in the office about three days after your surgery for a follow-up visit.

Do I need physical therapy after foot surgery?

In many cases yes. Physical therapy is an important part of the surgical healing process. Not only does physical therapy promote circulation and improve healing, but it also helps strengthen and rebuild tissues so you can return to full foot or ankle function.

You typically start physical therapy within a couple of weeks of your foot surgery, after surgical wounds have healed. Dr. Tseng also teaches you about exercises and stretches you should be doing at home each day to improve your healing process.

Schedule your foot surgery evaluation at the office of Dr. Henry Tseng today. Click on the online booking feature or call either office to schedule.