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Your podiatrist may prescribe orthotics to help your feet function better and minimize stress forces that could ultimately cause foot deformity and pain. Orthoses are custom-made shoe inserts that are intended to adjust an abnormal or irregular walking pattern by altering the angles at which the foot strikes the ground.

Orthotic devices are individually constructed from a mold of your feet. Rigid orthoses are usually made of a firm material such as plastic or graphite and are primarily designed to control abnormal motion and for better function. Soft orthoses are constructed of malleable materials that help absorb shock, improve balance and take pressure off tender spots or problematic areas.

  Reflexology and Magnetic Podiatric Treatment

Dr. Tseng combined Eastern and Western medicine to help develop an orthotic with magnetic therapy. To understand the benefits of magnets and healing, it is important to understand reflexology. It is an ancient therapy designed to bring the body back into healthy balance after it has lost its center due to abuse, illness, and pain, and to provide maintenance and healing. Reflexology is based on the most sensitive pressure points mainly on the feet. These reflexes are five to twenty times more sensitive than the organs themselves. Thus, the foot is a scanner screen recording bodily functions. Tender reflexes are easy to find on the feet, and make it possible to know which organs are not functioning properly. Working tender reflexes helps rebalance these organs. Accordingly, organ maintenance and the lessening and elimination of pain and discomfort can be achieved by applying therapeutic action to those reflex points corresponding to the organs in question.

Therapeutic action that can be applied to the reflex or pressure points can come in different fashions: acupuncture, shiatsu, polarity, and magnets. The basis of these modalities is chi and the recognition that chi must be kept free-flowing in its pathways of the body to maintain balance and health. Metal on the hands and feet have been used in the past for anesthesia purposes, well before any modern anesthetics were formulated. Our bodies consist mainly of water, therefore we have a natural flowing circulating current within. Magnets placed on the feet not only can increase circulation of blood and chi, but be therapeutic for headaches and other bodily imbalances. The rare earth magnet has been shown to be the most appropriate magnet for the human body. At gauss greater than 10,000, maximal polarity of the bodily circulation and chi is achieved.

When combining custom-made functional forefoot orthotics and magnets, patients can get the control they need biomechanically as well as the added therapy of better circulation and flowing of chi and lesser fatigue, headaches, and other problems that arrive with the blockage of chi.

Orthotics are improving with technology. Now with the added magnetic modification, the orthotics are even more therapeutic and superior. As a practicing podiatrist (Western medicine), Dr. Tseng knows the importance of orthotics. As a physician (Eastern medicine), Dr. Tseng knows the benefits of magnets. Combining the modalities of Eastern and Western medicine, the patient gets the maximal therapeutic device through the MAGTHOTIC or MAGNOTIC developed by Dr. Tseng.


  Custom Orthotics:
Sports Orthotic
  Dress-Shoe Orthotic Graphite   Dress-Shoe Orthotic
Diabetic and Geriatric Orthotic
  Pediatric Orthotic   Women Dress-Shoe Orthotic
These are orthotics Dr. Tseng helped develop. They have magnets built into the plantar aspect of the orthotics.

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